Enhance Your Quizzing Experience

Quizzical is a youth organization aimed at providing the best possible experience of quizzing and ignite curiosity in the minds of students. We specialize in researching and holding quizzes with the moving digital world by using the most advanced quizzing platform.

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Who are we?

We are a team of creative minds and avid quizzers having quizzing experience of various national and state level quizzes. After having experienced such a enormous world of quizzing we came to a conclusion of making the system of quizzing better with technology as its backbone and innovation as its heart. From the concept of Buzzers on Mobile Phone to using a customized quizzing software, we are evolving into the future of Digital Quizzing carrying behind the legacy of great quizzers. It all started with a phone call between two friends during exams and sharing a vision of providing every curious student to enjoy the art of quizzing and get the most enhanced experience to create a knowledge tribe. We organize quizzes on our own for school and college students, And you can also hire us for organizing quizzes.


Provide the best quizzing to your students

Hire us and provide the best quizzing experience to your students. We research about your topic thoroughly with our highly passionate commandos attacking on every single piece of information and create questions. Instead of using electrical buzzers and Powerpoint, we have developed our own software to experience a seamless way of Quizzing. We are always innovating new solutions to better the system even more. After you hire us, we will go through a stage of researching about your product and then sending our quizmasters to add more. So before you hold a quiz think you can do better.


Why is there a need for a change?

We are talking about the change because of the technology which is growing up at a high pace which is essential for students to experience because they deserve it. After participating in many quizzes, Team Quizzical thought of changing the way we quiz with technology. We are using the craziest technologies to provide you the best experience. Want to know more about how we do it? Contact Us.


Get us to work for you

Have us change your experience towards quizzing and see the magic unfold right infront of you. We help in organizing quizzes for Schools, Organizations, Colleges and Private Groups. We also provide free digital playground for students to practice their quizzing skills and get a detailed summary where they lack.